Our wedding day

Our wedding day

Monday, November 28, 2011

Snowshoeing for our Christmas Tree

A couple of weeks ago Steven and I got up before sunrise and drove to Soliders Hollow where we waited in line for a Christmas Tree permit. We were always hoping our baby would wait to come until we could go and cut down our tree. Well, she did and we went last Wednesday. I've been wanting snowshoes for a long time and we got them not too long ago at Costco and tried them out for a first time hunting for our Christmas tree. 
Yes, I'm 39 weeks pregnant and snowshoeing through the woods...
 We found the tree way to fast! The first one we liked. Of course, we went looking for more both for fun and to know that we were getting the best in the forest. After awhile, we came back to our original first love. We named the tree "Doug". Steven chopped it down.
 How do you get a 15 foot Christmas tree home when all you have is a little Civic? Watch and behold!            (above picture)
The tree had to be cut quite a bit before it fit in our little apartment. Me modeling it on it's stand. We're decorating it for Family Home Evening tonight. 
Our house smells like Evergreen trees and I love it!

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