Our wedding day

Our wedding day

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Steven's first MLB game!

On Saturday night we went to the Diamondback's game and Steven saw his first major league baseball game. We got there a little late. It was a great game! We ended up winning 12-3 against the Colorado Rockies. It was a fun atmosphere.
We were surprised by what was almost as entertaining as the game was all the LDS young single adults were at this game- their stakes/wards bought out almost the entire section. Just watching them interact with each other was pretty funny. I loved running into a few of some of my favorite YSA- my cousin Cari and friends Melissa Snow and Gina Shumway (Gina and I worked at Westmore together).
We also hit the REI garage sale where we got some fun stuff- With my unpredictable size we only got Steven some things. Check out my hot husband modeling his new zip-off outdoor pants, North face shirt and hiking boots (all like 80% off their normal price).
Don't use just love his model face/pose?

Steven has been wanting Chacos for a long time- and now finally has his own pair. We love to match:).
Everything else is going well. Steven is still selling well. I'm still getting huge. I finished editing our Israel honeymoon video yesterday so I can't wait to show it off!
As much as we love being with my family, we are looking forward to returning to Utah in just one more month.

Monday, July 18, 2011

We're having a...

The moment we've all been waiting for! 20 weeks have finallly passed, July 14th finally came and we are having a G-OY!!! uh, I mean a B-IRL!!! Wait a second, what was it.... oh yeah, our little baby is a GIRL!
Just in case you didn't know, out of the 8 grandkids that are from my Mom and Dad there are only BOYS! 8 BOYS! This will be the first granddaughter! My older brother, Theron, told me just last week- you do realize you have to have 5 boys in order to get a girl in this family, right? Haha, I guess he was wrong. Everything looks good with her- healthy, strong and normal.

20 weeks pregnant
My older sister Rachel really surprised me when I went over to her house later that day and she pulled out a box of clothes that my Mom had bought her. My Mom died about 8 years ago. Before she died she bought Rachel some cute little baby girl clothes for someday when Rachel had a girl. After 5 kids, Rachel had all boys. She was so sweet to share with me these clothes that my Mom had bought for her Granddaughter. I'll admit, I shed a few tears looking at them knowing that my Mom had chosen them. Aren't they so cute?
Baby girl clothes my Mom chose before she died
This is my favorite one- her blessing dress with a sweet little bonnet. Rachel also let me borrow the dress that my Great-grandmother made and embroidered that both my Mom and Rachel were blessed in.
Her blessing dress
The next day my sister Jeni bought our little girl this dress, so cute!
Aunt Jeni spoils her already!
Now that Steven has seen the ultrasound, heard the heartbeat and knows she's a girl- he is so excited and talks about (and to her) all the time. He's going to be such a great Daddy!

Happy 4th of July! We went over to my parents house. We had a BBQ- meaning because it's so hot here- my Dad endured the heat and grilled the burgers and then we ate them inside. Afterwards, Steven and I set up the projector outside by the pool with a white sheet. Elise blew up some tubes and we sat in the tubes while watching Finding Nemo in the pool. It was lots of fun.
My fruity homemade flag...
Steven made his clams he caught at the beach into a meal! He looked up some recipes and youtube videos and enjoyed eating his clams.
Steven and his own-caught-and-cooked clams!

Every time we play Othello, Steven wins. By a lot! Sunday night I took him on determined to win. Yes I sometimes had 5 minute turns pensively thinking out the next 5 moves, but it was worth it because, I WON!! 17 to 47.... ba-ha-ha, I didn't rub it in his face at all...
(I'm white... he's black...)
This is a fun 2 person game I'd recommend.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Family Reunion to San Diego!

Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth! Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey!
Steven and I took my brother Jacob and sister Julia.
My favorite part was the tamed tigers rolling over like kittens nad the elephants and their tricks.
This isn't a great picture but Steven (and Jacob's) favorite was this guy in this weighted turning thing that did cool tricks. Steven now wants to build one of his own. :) Big surprise!

Steven survived the hottest day in Arizona so far and earned these 2 mister fans. Too bad this is just the beginning of record setting of "hottest day"! He's doing awesome in his sales!

Good-bye Elder Burk!
Wednesday morning we said our farewell to Elder Burk (Dallin) as we dropped him off at the MTC. See you in 2 years buddy!
...after we dropped him off we drove to Southern California for our family vacation...


Steven and I on our way on the Mattahorn!

My cute sister Jeni loving Disneyland!

I passed on the swings (I think called Mickey's orchestra) but this crew love it!

On the Grizzly bear ride- I had one request- put me with the kids (or lightest people) to avoid getting wet! Somehow I got put with my sweet Daddy (not kid weight) and others and got SOAKED!
Those who planned to get soaked came out a little damp...

What we do best- wait in lines. On our way to Space Mountain!

Steven and I slipped away for a bit to enjoy one of our favorites- the jungle cruise and some yummy dinner. I love my husband!

With my Dad's bad knees- this is how he survived the day. This electric wheelchair became his best friend! Wasn't so bad getting in the front of lines too!

This energetic group was still riding rides up until the last minute the park was open!

Our Day at Coronado Beach!
Karl digging a tunnel to protect the beloved sand castle.

Check this out! Rachel is modeling real sand dollars and clams! The kids caught them and Steven brought some home in hopes to make them for dinner.

Who is this guy? Oh wait, that's Hans! Wow Hans, lookin' good!

Jacob and Steven hard at work building the sand castle. (Check out Steven's awesome farmers tan...and muscles...Ow!)

Paul avoids the water but loves the beach.

Matt BBQing hot dogs with his boys Isaac and Abe.

Somehow Abe got buried in the sand. How did that happen? I think I see the culprits!

The family went home or to Northern Cali the next day and Steven and I stuck around for just one more day in the beautiful weather.

Steven has been wanting a skim board for a while and we finally found one. He pretty much mastered the art.

For dinner we got some steak, bacon and veggies and BBQed them on the beach. It was so yummy!

After church and before heading home we visited the San Diego temple grounds. It looks like a castle! BEAUTIFUL!