Our wedding day

Our wedding day

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Welcome to our family Meriden Ashley Cooper!

 Dear Meriden,
Mommy and Daddy were getting very anxious to meet you since you were supposed to arrive on November 30th but still weren't here December 5th! When they went to the doctor Monday morning, they were so excited when the doctor announced that Mommy was dilated to a 4 and 80% effaced and she wanted you to come out! Doctor Julie Grover sent Mommy and Daddy over to the hospital. They grabbed some soup before they checked in because they heard there was no eating allowed once they were checked in to have you.
Daddy called Grandma Cooper and she came over to the hospital at 1:00. We had a very nice nurse named Alyson that helped us. She stuck a needle in Mommy's wrist (twice!) and started putting in this magical thing called pitocin at 2:00. It was the magical pitocin that helped you come into the world. They started at a 4 but Mommy was too happy so they went to an 8 (at 3:00) and Mommy was STILL too happy so finally they put it to a 12 (at 4:00). At a 12 Mommy was not so happy. She did lots of relaxing tricks that Grandma Cooper and Aunt Krystal taught her trying to get her body to calm down but she hurt soooo bad. Daddy was right there with Mommy holding her and rubbing her legs and trying to help. That made Mommy feel a little better but her tummy was really hurting her! Mommy had a goal to be at a 5 before she got the most magical gift of "an epidural". At 5:00 Mommy asked the nurse to please get the doctor fast because she wanted her water to break and to please get the magical anesthesiologist even faster because she wanted the most magical gift "epidural". Everything happened really fast after that. Lots of people came in and the most important one of all the magician anesthesiologist. He was from India. He put his special pointy medicine in Mommy's back and then she was feeling happy again! After he left Doctor Grover came in and broke Mommy's water. She was happy to hear she was at a 5! Just like she hoped she would make it to! 
Mommy was visiting with Daddy and Grandma and being happy when the nurse Alyson came back at 6:00- 1 hour later to check Mommy. She said to Mommy: "Guess what you're at?" (with a smile on her face) and Mommy, not wanting to guess too much said, "a 6?" Alyson said: "No... a 9!" Yay! That means you were almost here! Alyson came again at 7:00 and said Mommy was at a 10. But you were still hiding deep in Mommy's body at a 0 so when the nurse called Doctor Grover, she said let's wait until 8:30 for baby to come down so Mommy won't have to push so much. Well, so we waited. Mommy never pushed the button for more special medicine in her back so after awhile she felt this great big feeling that said "push!" Finally 8:30 came and the nurse said Mommy could push. She was so happy after just a few pushes when everyone said that you were starting to show! After just 5 minutes of pushing, the nurse said, "Uh-oh, too fast! The Doctor wants to meet baby first! We'll have to wait for her." So, the nurse called the doctor and we waited... and waited until 9:05! Almost 30 minutes. Just about 5 minutes after the doctor got there, the greatest moment happened of all! YOU arrived! Oh, you were so big and beautiful! Mommy couldn't believe it! She cried happy tears of joy and Daddy's smile covered his whole face! He thought you were so chubby and cute! The doctor put you on Mommy right away so she could hold you. After a few minutes they went to fix you up. Daddy stayed right by your side as they cleaned your little nose and mouth and weighed and measured you. Before you came Grandma, Mommy and Daddy all guessed how big you were. Daddy got the closest with your weight. He guessed 9 pounds and you were 9 pounds 2 ounces! Mommy and Grandma tied closest for your length. Mommy guessed 20.5 inches and Grandma guessed 19.5 inches and you were 20 inches. 
Mommy fed you right away and later Daddy went with you for your very first bath. 
We are so happy you came into our family. 
You're crying right now so Mommy has to end the story...until next time!
Meriden Ashely Cooper

Our first family picture


  1. Welcome, welcome Meriden! Congratulations!!!! I am so very happy for both of you. Meridan certainly could not have chosen a better mommy and daddy. She is a lucky gal. Best of luck to you all. I know you'll have many happy days of enjoying your new little bundle of love.

    Emma has been asking my regularly for a week now if I have heard anything about the baby. She will be happy today when I can report that she is finally here.

    Well done, Cherise. She is beautiful!

  2. Congratulations, Steven and Cherise! Sammy will be so excited when he sees the pictures of your beautiful baby girl. Your blog is so adorable and fun to read. Thanks so much for sharing. I love how you wrote Meriden's birth story as a letter to her. So cute. You are going to be wonderful parents :)

  3. Yay, Cherise! Your story is so great - and kind of sounds similar to ours! Congratulations on your not-so-little bundle of joy!

  4. Go Cherise! You did it! I know birth is so scary cuz you don't know what the heck it going on - at least for me it was. You look so beautiful and happy and Meriden is such a doll! CONGRATS!

  5. Yay!!! Congratulations! Dr. Grover was our doctor too! :)

  6. CC I can't even describe how happy I am for you both! What a cute story :) you give me hope, so thank you so much!

  7. Congratulations! She is adorable! And Huge! (My babies were 7 pounders.) I hope all is well. Best wishes with the best adventure ever-being a mom.